Occupational safety in the chemical industry

In many chemical industry plants, mixing and laboratory rollers are used.

The use of hazardous machinery in the chemical industry is crucial for the production of many products but also requires the highest safety measures and diligence. Machines employed in this context include mixing mills, laboratory mills, calenders, winders, and coating and plastic mixing facilities. They play a crucial role in the manufacturing of chemical products, plastics, and other industrial items.

Mixing mills are used to blend various substances together and create a homogeneous mass. Laboratory mills are used to mix and test smaller quantities of materials. Calenders, on the other hand, are utilized in the production of thin films and sheets. Coating involves applying substances to surfaces to enhance specific properties such as durability or adhesion. Plastic mixtures find applications in various industries, including the manufacturing of plastic products. Winding machines are industrial devices used to wind, coil, or bundle materials such as films, paper, wire, or other flexible materials.

Manual intervention by employees is often necessary, whether for monitoring machines, adding materials, or troubleshooting. Working at the roller gap, where materials pass between the rolls, is particularly dangerous. There is a risk of crushing, entanglement, injuries from rotating parts, and even the death of the employee.

Work accidents can have serious consequences, ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening situations. Compliance with safety regulations is therefore of the utmost importance. The chemical industry invests significant resources in safety measures, training, and technologies to minimize the risk of work accidents and ensure the health and safety of employees. U-TECH ROLL can play a crucial role in this regard.

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