Occupational safety on cutting machines

In the manual operation of slitting and cutting machines, the operator is exposed to various dangers on a daily basis.

Industrial slitting and cutting machines play a crucial role in various production processes, whether in metal processing, woodworking, or plastic manufacturing. These machines are used to cut, slit, or shape materials precisely.

Various mechanisms are used to cut materials. Most cutting machines are equipped with sharp blades or knives capable of cutting through the material being processed. These blades may be replaceable depending on the application. Some machines use saw blades that rotate to cut the material. Saw blades can have different tooth configurations and diameters depending on the required type of cut. In some advanced applications, waterjet cutting machines are used. Here, a high-pressure water jet is employed to cut through the material. Often, abrasive material is added to the water to enhance cutting performance.

Before the actual cutting takes place, the materials to be processed must be prepared. This may involve manually feeding raw materials, aligning, or securing the materials in the machine, and setting cutting parameters.

During this manual operation of the machines, operators are exposed to various dangers on a daily basis. Rotating blades or cutting tools can cause severe injuries if not properly protected. Pinch hazards often arise from moving parts, such as conveyor belts or hydraulic systems. Operating machines with high pressure or force can lead to crushing and bruising if safety precautions are not observed.

Industrial cutting machines are equipped with various safety devices to prevent accidents. These include protective devices, emergency stop switches, and sensors that monitor machine movements to detect hazards. A personnel protection system from U-TECH can make a crucial contribution here, triggering machine shutdown before the operator is harmed.


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