Occupational Safety in Forestry

Safe workplaces with U-TECH on wood chippers and stump grinders

In the forestry industry, as well as in gardening and landscaping, the use of hazardous machinery is part of the everyday routine. Prominent examples include wood chippers and stump grinders.

Wood chippers are powerful machines designed to break down branches, twigs, and other wooden materials into smaller pieces. The wood material is manually fed into the machine, where it is shredded by sharp blades or hammer blows.

The stump grinder is the most suitable tool for removing tree stumps. A rotating blade disc shreds the wood and root system. With this grinder, the tree stump and root wood are removed to a depth of up to 35 cm.

The use of these machines carries several potential hazards. Sharp rotating parts, high power levels, and working with heavy wood material make operation risky. Carelessness or lack of training can lead to severe injuries. Both when operating stump grinders and wood chippers, there is a risk of flying wood chips that can cause injuries. Unexpected blockages or malfunctions can also lead to dangerous situations.

To ensure the safety of workers, training and thorough instruction in the safe use of these machines are essential. Wearing personal protective equipment such as helmets, face shields, hearing protection, and cut-resistant clothing is mandatory. With a U-TECH personal protection system, the danger zones can be “illuminated” with appropriate antennas. The transponder can be worn in the hearing protection during these applications. If the employee moves into the danger zone, such as getting too close to the cutting tools of the wood chipper, the machine shuts down.

In summary, the use of hazardous machinery in the forestry industry and gardening and landscaping is indispensable for efficient work processes but requires a high level of responsibility and safety awareness on the part of the workforce.

Arbeitssicherheit Forstwirtschaft

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