U-TECH PSM Transponder

FAQ – Questions and answers about the U-TECH personal protection modules

No, all four PSM models (Nano, Pocket, Pro Up, Plug-In) work directly with the installed U-TECH personnel protection system. Always test the functionality using the PSM tester before starting work.

Yes, following the instructions (download video explanation and user manual). Make sure to work with clean and dry hands and not to overtighten the screws!

Please use batteries from the RENATA brand (PSM Nano: CR2430, PSM Pocket: 3 x CR2450).

The PSM Nano is worn on the wrist like a wristwatch and is battery-powered (RENATA CR2430). The PSM Pocket is the size of a cigarette box and is worn in work clothing. This transponder also contains button cells (3x RENATA CR2450). The PSM Pro Up is rechargeable via contacts and is also worn like a wristwatch.

It should be ensured that the PSM Nano and Pocket transponders are at least 3m away from the testing device and any potential authorization module overnight. Running computers or electrical machines can also lead to “hidden” power drains. The rechargeable PSM Pro Up transponders should be placed in the respective charging station after each shift.

Theoretically unlimited.