Personal protection systems

RFID-based personal protection systems represent a revolutionary technology that elevates the protection of workers to a new level. By combining state-of-the-art RFID technology with intelligent security concepts, they enable precise, reliable, and automated monitoring of danger zones in various work environments.


The U-TECH PRESS personal protection system is specifically designed for use with conveyor belts and presses. It triggers an automatic shutdown of the system as soon as an employee enters a pre-defined danger zone.


If an employee equipped with suitable U-TECH transponders on both wrists enters the protection field above the roller gap, the machine is stopped before the employee is harmed.


If the employee equipped with the PSM transponder leans too far into the funnel, the wood chipper stops automatically. This prevents injuries to the fingers, hands, or arms by the cutting tools.


U-TECH supports companies in all branches of industry in adapting and developing the U-TECH system to local conditions, whether in sawmills, concrete plants or even the humid environments of the malting industry.