Customized solutions from U-TECH


In diverse industries, the interaction between people and machines creates potential danger zones. U-TECH is your partner in minimizing such risks with individualized personal protection systems.

Customized solutions from U-TECH

We support companies from all industries in adapting and advancing our individual personal protection systems to meet specific on-site requirements and conditions – whether in sawmills, concrete plants, or metal processing industries.

Our mission is to create a safe working environment where employees can work efficiently and without worry. When a danger zone can be clearly defined, our personal protection system enables optimal protection for employees. We assist you in customizing the system to your specific work processes and environments.

Our RFID personal protection systems are already in use in numerous work processes. Based on the machine, adjustments are necessary to ensure safety in the respective danger zone. Depending on the shape of the danger zone, we make adjustments to the antenna, for example, a circular antenna is used in the tape laying system. Small danger zones are required on laboratory rollers, where the trigger point must be within a few centimeters.

The U-TECH safety system is a lifesaver in many companies. It automatically triggers a machine emergency stop when employees enter the danger zone.

Trust U-TECH to make your company safer. Our individual RFID personal protection systems tailored to your specific needs provide the protection you need to ensure a safe and productive workplace

Customized solutions from U-TECH

Emergency-stopp system

Complex industrial plants with up to 15 conveyor belts are very confusing and difficult to monitor. The personal protection system U-Tech can easily be upgraded to a remote shutdown system. Each employee is equipped with a PSM nano or PSM Pro, which he wears on his wrist. If he recognizes a problem within his sight, be it a danger for himself or a colleague or a technical problem, he can bring the entire system into the emergency stop state by pressing an alarm button on his wristband transponder.

Individual System:

The French company Forest-Liné has equipped its tape laying machines used in the manufacture of wings for Boeing 787s (Dreamliners) in Nagoya, Japan, with the U-TECH safety system. A computer-controlled head moves along all three axes when applying tape to wing sections. Engineers are required to visually monitor that the process is carried out correctly while the machine is in motion, meaning there is a risk of engineers being hit by the head of the machine which is ca. one metre in size. A toroidal antenna has been fitted around the adhesive head, generating a magnetic field six metres in diameter. As soon as an engineer equipped with a transponder enters the magnetic field, the head stops automatically.

Individual System:

Employees are required to feed sheets of metal into the opening between the two rollers where there is great danger of fingers and hands being injured. With the introduction of the U-TECH system, all employees were equipped with a wristwatch transponder. As soon as any part of the body enters the defined danger zone, the calender rollers automatically stop.

Individual System:
Computer-Controlled Crane

The antenna has been fitted on the top of the crane so that a protective magnetic field is generated around the moving crane. The crane pushes this protective field forwards as it moves. As soon as this reaches an employee equipped with a transponder, the motion of the crane is halted before the employee is hit by the concrete pipe.

Individual System:
Bale slitting device

In the non-woven industry, old fabrics are cut up with the aid of bale slitting machines into recyclable fabric material and are pressed into bales for further processing. This is where the U-TECH Personal Protection System can also be employed.