After Sales Service at U-TECH: Customer support beyond commissioning

At U-TECH, we understand that the success of a product depends not only on its quality during installation but also on the continuous support we provide to our customers. Our After Sales Service ensures that even after installation, we are always by your side to ensure that our solutions are optimally adapted to changing local conditions.

An essential part of our After Sales Service is the option for an optional annual inspection. Through this regular inspection, we not only ensure the long-term performance of our products but can also identify and address potential issues early on before they lead to serious disruptions.

In the event that your daily-used PSM transponders require repairs, you can rely on our dependable repair service. Faulty modules can be easily sent to our laboratory for technical examination. Our experienced team of technicians conducts thorough analyses and employs state-of-the-art technologies to restore the transponders to perfect working condition.

Your trust in our solutions is strengthened by our continuous support, allowing you to rely on your technology always working optimally.