Very different demands are made of safety regulations for company employees depending on their area of work.

This is complicated further by constant changes being made to the law, both at national and especially at EU level. Companies endeavour to keep the discrepancy between what they have actually installed and what is defined by the law or company philosophy as slight as possible.

If your company has various danger areas where machines can endanger your personnel, U-TECH can provide you with detailed consultancy on the technical periphery and possible integration of a safety system in the working environment. This includes in particular an analysis of all work processes, however varied, as the main concern is to eliminate all sources of potential danger.  With the introduction of an all-embracing safety concept, various danger zones at recycling plants that are created by baling presses and also by the use of forklift trucks, for example, can be eradicated. If a new safety system is introduced, this always means stipulating and implementing new rules of behaviour for all members of staff. For example, it must be ensured that the PSM transponder is really always worn by all employees who may find themselves in danger. This is best achieved if this becomes part of the daily work routine.

We would be happy to explain how the system works in the form of a presentation on site. In the past it has proved extremely helpful wh