Personal Protection system for wood chippers


Gardening and landscaping companies, municipalities and highway maintenance crews often use stationary wood chippers. Unfortunately, the large hopper mouths have a high accident potential.

Personal Protection System for Wood Chippers

Safe workplaces on wood chippers thanks to U-TECH.

The large hoppers of the wood chippers are filled with green waste from bushes, shrubs and trees by the personnel employed in gardening and landscaping. There is the risk that branches may become caught in the workwear resulting in the operators being drawn into the hopper of the chipper. In this situation, their hands are exposed to the greatest danger.

Previous safety devices are usually mechanical cut-outs that are fitted to machines at various points and require a great deal of presence of mind on the part of the employee to take effect in the event of an accident.

The electronic U-TECH Shred personal protection system has been optimised for use on chippers.

The transponder, which causes the shutdown of the machine in an emergency is not worn on the wrist but integrated into the ear protection so that the employee can continue to feed garden clippings into the hopper. If, however, he or she bends over the hopper too far and enters the danger zone with the ear protection, the chipper stops automatically. Injuries to the fingers, hands or arms by the brushwood chipper are thus avoided.

The benefits

Simple installation

“Plug & Play” by the plant electrician

Maximum protection of the employee

even when incapacitated

More Safety

with more safety at work for the entrepreneur

Note: statutory regulations!

The non-contact U-TECH Shred is suitable as a supplementary safety device on stationary type A brushwood chippers according to DIN EN 13525. In contrast, it is not suitable as a safety device for type B machines according to DIN EN 13525. The height of the lower edge of the feed hopper of this machine type is lower, which is associated with a greater risk to the lower limbs.

Our tip

we recommend that the employees must be obligated by company agreement to wear personal safety equipment when working with wood chippers. This includes a hard hat with integrated facial protection (visor) and hearing protection. The safety equipment also includes a person detection module (PSM Plug In), which is an integral part of the hard hat.