Personal protection system: Occupational Safety Made in Germany


Accidents at work have serious consequences. For the people involved and their families, for the managers responsible and for the company.

A personal protection system from U-TECH actively prevents accidents when working on machines. It creates a safe working environment where employees can fully concentrate on their tasks.  As a company, you are well protected against machine downtime as a result of accidents. And moreover, Employer’s Liability Insurance Association problems become a thing of the past.

Our occupational safety system based on the latest RFID technology sends a message to your customers, partners and employees: We are forward thinking and act responsibly – both in our business and for our people.

Safe and flexible personal protection system: Our system, certified by the Institut für Arbeitsschutz der DGUV (IFA) [German Social Accident Insurance institute for research and testing], is the leading industry standard for recycling plants in Europe. Our new products offer solutions for the growing needs of many other industries. Find the solution to suit your needs with us.

Simple and robust functionality: Extremely user-friendly systems are a high priority for us. After all, occupational safety also depends on employees being able and willing to use a system safely in any situation. Make it as easy as possible for your employees to protect themselves.

Advice and service: Your company electrician can install and operate our occupational safety system. If required, we can support you with technical training on site or online. And of course our customer support is always on hand – without any obligation. Talk to us – we are here for you.

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More Information

Personal protection systems

In many industries, people have to work “hand in hand” with machines, leading to workplaces with high safety risks for employees. A U-TECH system can be beneficial in this scenario. An electronic system, which, in conjunction with a transponder worn by the employee, causes the machinery to shut down as soon as he or she enters the hazardous area. Contact-free and absolutely reliable.


The U-TECH PRESS personal protection system is specifically designed for use with conveyor belts and presses. It triggers an automatic shutdown of the system as soon as an employee enters a pre-defined danger zone.


If an employee equipped with suitable U-TECH transponders on both wrists enters the protection field above the roller gap, the machine is stopped before the employee is harmed.


If the employee equipped with the PSM transponder leans too far into the funnel, the wood chipper stops automatically. This prevents injuries to the fingers, hands, or arms by the cutting tools.


U-TECH supports companies in all branches of industry in adapting and developing the U-TECH system to local conditions, whether in sawmills, concrete plants or even the humid environments of the malting industry.

IFA certified safety system

The Personal Protection System U-Tech PRESS, based on RFID, was certified in 2015 by the IFA, the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, in accordance with the European standards DIN EN 61496-1 and DIN EN ISO 13849-1.


Safety measures in the workplace are becoming increasingly comprehensive, spanning across all countries and industries where people interact with machines. Join us in finding the solution to your specific needs.

Chemical Industry

Mixing mills are used to blend various substances together and create a homogeneous mass. Laboratory mills are used to mix and test smaller quantities of materials.

Cutting Machines

Most cutting machines are equipped with sharp blades or knives capable of cutting through the material being processed.

Arbeitssicherheit Forstwirtschaft


The large funnels of the wood chippers are filled by landscaping professionals with green waste from bushes, shrubs, and trees.

Recycling Industry

Recycling companies segregate materials by type and then press them into bales. A workplace with a high safety risk for employees.