Plug & Play – why so simple?

“Time is money” it is said to describe the fast pace of our times. For our safety technology customers, it should be “time is safety”. We distribute our safety technology worldwide with the focus on Europe. In order to be able to react quickly in the event service is required, our customer, i.e. the customer’s electrician, must be able to take the necessary measures on-site in order to continue production. Customers cannot wait for a service engineer to arrive. The personal protection system is simple and clearly designed so that the customer’s electrician can install and start up the system. This is achieved by using plug-in components, providing a very detailed operating manual and a telephone hotline in three languages, which can be reached at any time. Within minutes, our hotline and field engineer can discuss what needs to be done next so that the safety equipment can be rapidly put back into operation. The solution is plug & play – plug in the components and the system works.